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Wrought Iron Garden products

Peninsula Wrought Iron hand forges and hand crafts a wide range of garden related products.   From our own large modern factory we are able to produce direct to the public at wholesale prices.   You can choose from a standard range of stock on hand or we can custom make to your individual requirements


GARDEN SUPPORTS: Custom made hand forged wrought iron garden support structures for your garden.  These can be used to:

  • support your tall perennials or climbers such as delphiniums, salvia and clematis

  • grow and tether your tomatoes

  • support climbing roses

  • train broad and climbing beans, peas or cucumbers

  • support sunflowers or hollyhocks


Square, circular or triangular shapes available.

GARDEN STAKES: Wrought iron stakes to complement perennial specimens, or to support individual annuals.  Each stake is hand forged and is a one of a kind.

ENHANCE your garden setting with hand forged wrought iron elements:

  • rose arbors

  • garden fencing

  • garden gates