Triangular supports
Triangular supports with hand forged scroll detail. In our unique on site garden this support caters for broad beans in winter/spring and green beans in summer.
Square Support
We produce a range of larger and taller support structures that can cater for growing multiple tomatoes plants or other vegetables in a small area. Modern in design with elegant detail at affordable prices.
Support for climbers
This is one of our original garden supports with it's unique wavy bar design finished at the top with simple snub forged detail...all hand made! It caters for the growing of tomatoes, beans, roses and other small climbers. As with all of our supports it is readily able to be easily moved around the garden on a seasonal basis.
Round Support
These supports are the perfect solution for growing your delphiniums or any other of your tall perennials. They are simple yet stylish and will suit any garden décor.
Round support #2
Our round supports can be made with varying detail to suit.
Garden Stakes
Once you have used one of our unique garden stakes you will never again want to a use timber or bamboo stakes in your garden!!
Everyone of our stakes are unique one off pieces!! Individually hand-forged and handcrafted at varying lengths and out of varying material sizes and designs.
Rose Arbor
Rosa "Pierre de Ronsard"
graces our display Rose Arbor that will greet you upon your arrival at Peninsula Wrought Iron.
Rose arbor detail
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