Our bed designs were born out of what is known as the "austere" era.    This era developed as a consequence of the great depression.  Gone was the extreme ornamentation of the Victorian Era and the wealth and luxury of the age of Art Deco.  The bold ornamentation of these periods was replaced with the simple bold lines of the austere period that was more simple and far less pretentious in design.


Designs of the "austere" era frequently filled hospitals, military bases, boarding houses and shearer's quarters throughout Australia.    Empire Beds has continued to modernise these basic bed designs with improved quality castings and finishes that provide a more broad based appeal.   With the injection of durable vibrant colours our bed range, while continuing to be steeped in Australian history, now also provides a more modern and sleek look that is suitable to all decors.

Ascot Cast Iron Bed
Chelsea Cast Iron Bed

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